Tucker Carlson Blames White women and Bill O’Reilly Blames Black men for Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III’s Criminal Action

Suspected white supremacist love to play the blame game and refuse to take responsibility for the actions of individuals who fit their own demographic. Tucker Carlson blames white women for the behavior of the Highland Park shooter, Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, 21, who killed 7 people and injured 47. Bill O’Reilly blames black men and their gang like behavior for the behavior of another alleged white mass shooter. The dynamic duo is at it again. Black men and white women are responsible for white male shooters. One white female co-worker believes she is responsible because she turned down his request for romance. She cut off her friendship, when she realized he wanted something deeper.

When you mix Nazi or shall I say Finland white supremacist propaganda with incel propaganda and a white supremacist structure that goes easy on white male criminals, hence his capture, instead of being filled with ammunition like the black man who ran from a traffic violation, you have all the ingredients needed. Black men and white women are not forcing these white men to harm black and white people. This is the collateral payment for keeping a system of injustice in-place. The correlation with injustice behavior is always followed by a mass shooting.

How many white and black lives is enough for the white supremacists to say that the collateral cost is too high? Do we need hundreds in one event? Is that the target set before justice becomes the law of the land? Is it closer to thousands before the number is reached or the millions? Time will reveal it. So far, the number appears too low. Blaming black men and white women for white male mass shooters is nonsense and they know it. We just have not reached the number that they are looking for.

As always. Family. Love God and your neighbor as yourself. Hide yourself in the love of Jesus and God will become your knight in shining armor.

Be Smart!


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    1. let me fix: black men always TRY to get the rest of White men don’t want.

      IF, an Asian boy don’t want them first. Because blacks are the last option
      Or not even an option

      cope and seethe forever timmy


      1. Black men are not getting the white women that white men do not want. If this were true, then the manifestos of the white supremacists males complaining about black men would not exist. Black men and white women choose each other because physical attraction is universal.

        White supremacist men have lied to you. There is no preeminence in physical features. White supremacy is directly tied to economics and the structures that support it. We do not really control what we like, it is more of God thing. Why do I find what I find attractive? You could say, it is my environment, but the outliers would suggest otherwise, so I must conclude, I like what I like because God has constructed me that way. Of course, in terms of attractive, not sin.


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