Interracial Communion

The impact of interracial love in America is growing and the teenagers are showing Americans the way out of racial animus. The movement of interracial dating and marriage is the global message that will contradict the need for fear. The teaching of slave history in schools is necessary to prevent a return and a way toward future interracial success. God does not hide the slave history in Scripture, but uses the past as an example for us to follow Him.

There is no slowing of interracial communion. There is no need for signs that read “I am not oppressor” when we can clearly see the expansion of interracial love in our cities and districts.

When the church focuses on interracial love and the visibility of interracial couples and families rise within the pews of the church, it will make the need for racial protest obsolete. The church has a huge responsibility for the increase of interracial communion.

Instead of using fear, present love. Instead of being on edge, exercise love. The younger generation is using tangible love and marriage. When presented with something fearful, present love. Love ruins fears resolve. Love moves God’s creatures in a position for a blessing. Interracial love and marriage is the way.

Enjoy your wife and enjoy your interracial communion and show others how to do the same. Put away the tools of fear and move forward. As the year closes, let’s have an eye toward interracial communion.