Study Finds Beard Waivers Slow Promotion, Mostly Affecting Black Airmen

A new study has found that U.S. Air Force personnel may not be promoted as quickly as their peers if they decide to seek a shaving waiver to wear a beard while in service.

The findings, published in the journal Military Medicine last week, surveyed thousands of airmen to examine whether their careers were in jeopardy because of their appearance. The study sought to find out whether Black airmen were disproportionately affected in their careers by having a shaving waiver, the authors wrote.

One of the conditions, known as Pseudofolliculitis Barbae, or PFB, causes razor bumps and painful ingrown beard hair — and it commonly affects Black men. The change meant that airmen no longer needed to request an exemption on an annual basis.

The report concluded that the promotion system is not inherently biased based on race, but biased “against the presence of facial hair which will likely always affect the promotions of Blacks/African-Americans disproportionately.” That’s because Black airmen would more likely need to request a waiver over their white counterparts.

The lowest common denominator in all of the targeting of black men in the military is simply about their race. They may use facial hair in this instance another excuse in another, but the reason that black men are always affected negatively is because of their race. It is partly because relationships are harder to be forged with the mainly white male leadership and so mentorship is unavailable and there is no effort on the part of white male leaders to aid in the success of black men within the military force.

The coverups of white male missteps and the overemphasis on small missteps of black men further perpetuate the disparity among blacks promoting. You will find most black males never make it to retirement because of the racist targeting. This is one of the reasons the argument is on the table to take away the military’s ability to punish their own, however the same partial judgment happens in the civilian sector as well.

Critical Race Theory is needed to address these situations and make everyone aware about the atrocities that are taking place within our nation. We must come together and embrace the love of truth and do not seek its minimization. When you embrace truth and love and expect others to do the same the nation will change for the better. Watch out for the slick tongue and the deceiver who hides truth in order to perpetuate and promote racism and white supremacy using fear.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7).





  1. I agree with you on everything you say EXCEPT crt. If you truly are a believer and follower of CHRIST then you would that crt is a lie from pit of hell and you need to stop believing and promoting it. We don’t need crt to show America’s past or present policies has had a detrimental effect on black people.


    1. The push to rid Americans from learning about the black history of America is wrong. Covering up the truth is wrong. As a follower of Jesus Christ it is our profession to be honest. Why do you think the Bible shares stories of King David’s adultery and his attempt to coverup his sin? Because God wants us to know the whole truth. Not just the story of David killing Goliath.


      1. CRT assumes that race is socially constructed and not a biological category. So the existence of races is denied.
        I think CRT is well meant but ultimately harmful because it does not accept the facts. The existence of races is a fact. To deny this fact also means to eliminate the sense of racial mixture.


      2. The existence of race is a social construct. God created every human from one man and one woman. The Bible is a historical book that never mentions race. It certainly does not mention race in future prophecy. The earliest European societies, including the Greeks and Romans, had no concept of race and classified people by ethnicity and social class. The concept of race comes into existence in the 17th century. It was built on the proposed beauty of white women. The painters, philosophers used the white woman’s structure to construct the idea of race and from their, it grew into a belief that anyone with a different skin tone was considered less then. Hence, the enslavement of black skinned people. A great book to read is “The History of White People by Nell Irvin Painter.

        If black and white people were biologically different the possibility for procreation would not exist. Animals with different biologies cannot produce offspring. Horses cannot create children with dogs etc. While we clearly have different physical features the same may be said of white people. One may have brown hair and green eyes and another brown eyes and red hair. One may have straight or curly hair, but like dogs with different physical features they can mate with any other dog. The hair texture of different dogs does not make them different biologically, otherwise the ability to reproduce would cease.


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