Snowbunny Level Up

There is a snowbunny movement that is grabbing a hold of the youth and distorting what God intended for His creatures to truly prosper. It is a movement that is filled with the lust of the eyes, flesh, and the pride of life. It is a movement that is void of considering the end, while living in the present and planning for the future.

When you live for today without considering tomorrow you have failed to consider the complexity of life. Our lived  experience today is the audition for tomorrow (eternity). Every human creature is eternal. There is no fountain of youth, but at the end of your existence there is a shedding of the earthly body and a new body for either hell or heaven.

An ordained interracial coupling is one that is done without the stain of sin. One that possesses the qualities of God’s Spirit flourishing within your union and your aim to produce good fruit before God. Inappropriate interracial coupling produces evil fruit and in the end there is only death. Some having chosen to eat this fruit have already died prematurely and secured their place in hell. Do not become one of them.

The temptation to walk against the circuit of God is strong and will never go away. His solution for our escape is meditation upon His Word both day and night. You want to have circulating within your mind the wisdom of God. You do not want to be disqualified to enter into the pearl gates of heaven.

Marry your snowbunny and make her a wife and do not play games with snowbunny harlots are you will mourn when your flesh and body are consumed. There are rewards that are found in marrying rightly and there is mourning for those who couple wrongly.

You will know by the lifestyle she currently holds. Is she disciplined and focused or all over the place? If she is all over the place, this is a sign of confusion and if she is confused, then her choices will be all over the place. Same goes for the man. Ladies, if he is all over the place, then his choices will be all over the place and you cannot build with this type of man. You marry to build, not fix up.

The snowbunny level up is simply a snowbunny who has chosen to confess her sin to Jesus and has made the choice to live for God alone. She is well aware of her eternal value and has a desire to see that her soul is rescued from the pit. She has a death ear to Satan and his minions and has decided to open wide her eyes and ears by following the Lord. Money comes and goes and if this is your singular measure of leveling up, then what about death? Level up to level down at death? No, the snowbunny level up continues leveling up after death.

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