Snowbunny in Training: Mom claims she’s not racist for opposing racial theory classes in viral video

A video has gone viral of a white woman in Missouri who insists she isn’t racist for not wanting her children to learn critical race theory. Parents were present to protest the discussion of race in history and literature in the Rockwood School District. She simply wants the same white washed history that has been taught in the past to continue in the present.

She is receiving backlash and praise for her position concerning this theory. Her response concerning this racial discussion is what I call snowbunny in training. She is learning that our society is becoming less tolerant to positions that support and encourage white supremacy. She is learning that the old way has become old and the new way is more favorable. Like the Hedge Fund managers are learning the power of grassroots in investing, this white woman is struggling through snowbunny in training. There is hope brewing for our future as authentic white girls are among us. Listen to this white female teen educating her parents:

The internet is opening the eyes of the youth and one of the main strategies of white supremacy is keeping people ignorant with education. Jesus used this same strategy with the teaching of His parables. The masses received information and were learning, but they were not coming to the truth because Jesus reserved that information for His chosen disciples. Today, God has chosen to make all information available. Today, there is no hiding and everything is out in the open. The white woman in the viral video is unable to hide and its frustrating. You can see in her response that she is becoming aware that the revelation of her intentions are clearly seen.

If you go on youtube to see the broader context of the attached snapshot, you will see the hesitation in the parents who support her response. Conflicted by what backlash they may receive in public and at home with their children. Feverishly they are working hard to hide the truth from their children and in this hour, there is no hiding. There is only revelation.

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  1. The parents in the twitter video you linked with the white girl sounds exactly like my parents when I bring up race..and they call themselves Christians. If we don’t teach our kids the history and current climate of white supremacy/racism, we are doomed to repeat it.

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