White Lives Matter: Interracial Marital Redemption

And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed (Genesis 2:25). It is the nakedness that redeems. White lives matter and in interracial marriage, it has its highest expression. When the black man and his white wife come together within the context of marriage it solidifies the statement that white lives matter. They matter so much that a lifetime covenant to love and cherish has been made. America is leading the world in interracial marriage. It is the epitome of white lives mattering.

White lives matter so much that white women are having biracial children at an unprecedented rate and America is holding the light. Known for our leadership in racism, we are turning the corner and white lives are marrying black lives and we are becoming one nation under God. Everywhere you look and in every sector of society white lives matter and interracial marriages are booming. You see this represented on Tik Tok, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Interracial couples with massive followings and white lives mattering at every turn.

It is so natural to become one flesh that it is making interracial marriage easier and as more white lives matter groups spring up and tout the benefits of interracial marriage, we shall have a nation that will see exponential economic growth. Tucker Carlson, the suspected white supremacists, even said, that the interracial marriage rates within the country represent that white lives matter.

Interracial marital redemption is the answer for turning the clock around and changing our history for a better unified future. Interracial marriage proves that white lives matter.

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