Is Dr. Umar Johnson Right About a Snowbunny Crisis?

Dr. Umar Johnson was asked about interracial marriage on the breakfast club about his thoughts on interracial marriage and he mentions that it should not be done. His reason for being against interracial marriage is money. It may sound like a sound argument, however, given the rates of interracial marriage and intraracial marriage his argument is invalid. The increase in interracial marriage signifies an increase in black economic improvement. Interracial marriages make more then intraracial black marriages. Whether it is the black man or woman marrying a white person. So, his argument falls apart on both sides. The first being black marriages have not improved our economic state and the second is that interracial marriages make more money.

If we go deeper, then we find he has no Biblical leg to stand on and if money becomes your only priority, then you have lost your soul. While money answers all things according to the Bible it has a place below the King of kings and if you do not know the Lord, whether interracial or intraracial in your coupling it has a high chance of failure. He does mention the high rate of divorce in the black community, which signifies a deeper problem then money. Divorce is a choice. Love is a choice. When we choose to love God, He empowers us to love through the valleys and the mountain tops, but these are choices that we have the freedom to make.

It is true that white women lead in marrying outside their race and black men in particular choose European white women the most when dating outside the race. It is also true that white racist do not like interracial marriage as well. How can Dr. Umar Johnson and white racist agree on interracial marriage? Because neither of them care about God’s Word and both holds views of superiority over the other.

In conclusion, there is no snowbunny crisis, but snowbunny revelation that is shaking the nations of the world.


  1. Dr Umar is a demagogue who shouldn’t ever fix his lips to talk about black financial empowerment. What about the money he continues to receive from black folks for 10 years for his (as yet) unbuilt boys school?

    Interracial dating and marriage threatens his platform of “black love”, which is an exact mirror form of the”race purity” doctrine touted by white neo-Nartzees. Until he leads by example, no one should take the motel preacher seriously.

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  2. Umar has always been wrong.
    He wants to promote “black love” and black families, yet he’s a black man in his 40s with no wife.
    He tricks most of donations on hookers, he was exposed for this back in 2016, that’s why he lost a lot of sponsorship for his silly school


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