Playing Your Part

The Lord rewards all kinds of people with the privilege of giving birth. He opens wombs and closes them. He does things after the counsel of His own heart. Sometimes he closes them for sin and other times he closes them for a time because this particular baby will be significant for His personal plan. He opens wombs to give certain people a chance to live because of oppression, as we see with the Israelites in their enslavement in Egypt. Today, the biracial boom is the response against the tightening grip of white supremacy. The more white supremacists attack, the higher the rates of biracial babies will be born.

White supremacists refuse to repent and they are doubling down on their sin. They are pulling out all the stops and they are scurrying to create legislation to limit and suspend any advancement within the black community. Like normal terrorist they will use fear tactics and threats and actual killings to increase their leverage and maintain their power. They will use unemployment and fake felonies like deputy, Cody Richard Griggers who said, he’d charge black people with fake felonies to stop them from voting. They are liars and extremely cunning. Dangerous and have no intentions of accepting the US constitution. Right now, the white supremacists want to make changes to it and several states are working to ban critical race theory. They understand that ignorance is the only way they can maintain their advantage and strength. The insurrection was only phase one of a multifaceted plan. However, in all this, how do you play your part?

You raise your biracial children with the wisdom found within the pages of Scripture and you make them informed about the world in which you have birthed them. It is your responsibility to protect them by giving them all of the tools they will need to survive in the war in which they will be raised. Life is a battlefield and a war zone. Satan is here and all of his demons and they will seek their demise immediately. Equipping them with God’s knowledge will protect them from surprises that they will experience. When God protects the house, then the vanity of the watchmen is dismissed. God is the answer for your children. He is the answer for you. Jesus is the answer and there is no other. You have white supremacists out here targeting you and without God they will crush you.

Playing your part is placing your entire life in the hands of the Lord.


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