Feds focused on rooting out white supremacy at the Department of Homeland Security: report

The New York Times reported that the Department of Homeland Security will be reviewing how it identifies and prevents extremism and white supremacy within the federal government.

“The task of identifying extremists throughout the United States, and specifically in government agencies, has come to the top of President Biden’s agenda since Jan. 6, when a pro-Trump mob stormed the U.S. Capitol. Many of the rioters were found to be members of extremist groups,” reported Zolan Kanno-Youngs. “The review comes shortly after the Pentagon completed a 60-day ‘stand down’ to address extremism after a number of veterans were found to have taken part in the Capitol riot. The Biden administration is assessing whether other agencies will have similar inquiries as part of a broader review started this year to assess how the federal government combats domestic extremist threats.”

Interracial couples can be key in assessing white supremacists threats within the federal government. For the interracial couples who feel pressure or inconvenient questioning over your choice of mate should make that couple alert. You should report this behavior to the HR department and the public should be made aware. By exposing individuals who joke about interracial couples at the job, you will be exposing what type of culture is acceptable at this institution. Jokes are rooted in truth and when people are becoming racial at the job, they usually have a deeper root and this type of fishing is done with sinister intentions.

Interracial couples are highlighters and your relationship is important. You are a walking contradiction and should use this contradiction to benefit the citizens of the United States of America. One recent report suggested that nearly 20 percent of those charged in the Capitol riot have, or had, some affiliation with the military. This is scary when you think about the ones sworn to support and defend the constitution will be the very ones defying it. Just think, 51 new cadet cheaters will become the Air Force leaders of tomorrow and do you think these breakers of the Air Force core values will have have any problem joining the next white supremacy movement?

Your interracial marriage and coupling will be called upon with greater intensity as the movement of white supremacy grows more violent. Your marriage and love for one another will serve as the way forward. We are living in turbulent times because the freedom of black and white people is closer then it has ever been. The freedom to chose your mate irrespective of false judgment and the freedom to extend that love to your children.

White supremacists have for years sought to embed themselves into police and military organizations. They have looked down upon interracial couples and like the white male mass shooters write in their manifestos this hatred boils and becomes unbearable and actions of violence must be expressed to wake up the global community of white supremacists.

While this information is disturbing and their efforts have been superior and their methods have been spectacular, it must come to end as they are not written in the pages of Revelation. There is no stopping the interracial movement that is sweeping the globe and there is no limitation to the many examples each successful interracial marriage is making within the fabric of our society.

 As always, keep your affections on things above and trust in the Lord.

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