TimmieBlaze: Why Do Biracial Children Go Harder On Racism Then Black Alone People?

The average black person is afraid of white people. They were raised to fear them. Many of the black male killings by police officers are done with the black person facing the opposite direction. The fear kicks-in and fight or flight immediately engages because this is the carryover from slavery. The biracial children even in slavery were treated better and when you fast forward to the present day, biracial children are exposed to whiteness early and hence any fear that is naturally fed into black children is missed. The same affect goes for black children who attend predominately white schools, but this becomes a catch 21 because these same black children have an equal chance of becoming white supremacists in black face.

For example, One dozen graduates of the Air Force Academy wrote an open letter against white supremacy that was published on Saturday in the Air Force Times.

“In late March, the U.S. Air Force Academy held its Department of Defense-mandated extremism stand-down training to examine and to eradicate extremism and white supremacy within the ranks. Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clarke spoke of extreme ideologies on “both sides,” rather than confronting the unique flavor of the extremism threat on display Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol,” the group, led by Esteban Castellanos, wrote.

Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clarke

“Many USAFA graduates feel the mild response to the insurrection from the academy and its Association of Graduates failed to reflect these values and stands counter to everything they publicly expect of graduates. We are disappointed and feel that leadership has failed our graduates, the members they lead, and ultimately the citizens of this country,” they explained. “Simply put, many of our leaders are underreacting to the attack.

Who does this black guy sound like? Your everyday white supremacist. Unfortunately, he would have never received those three stars without sounding that way. This same black guy gave a slap on the wrist for white cadets that cheated on exams. Justice anyone? This is called black fear. Even with three-stars, he is still afraid of white men.

Oprah Winfrey was surprised that Meghan Markle went all the way with racism claims, but failed to understand that Meghan Markle does not have the same fear of white people that the average black person does. She has a white father. Colin Kaepernick another biracial changed football forever with his bold kneel. He does not have the fear of white people that the average black person does. The proximity to whiteness reduces the fear of white people.


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