Interracial Spotlight

The volatility within the racial market is not new, the changes are only magnified because of the availability of national and international access in real time to current events of a racial nature. Black people were never supposed to be free from the chains of slavery, it was the in-fighting of whites that loosened the chains. This loosening was to be reestablished after the Civil War, however the taste of freedom made black people non-compliant for traditional enslavement.

So white supremacists on every side of the political spectrum and the church (ie catholic, protestant, mormons, evangelicals & baptists) came up with a strategy to limit black people. Everyone is now informed of the prison industrial complex, redlining, redistricting, and other such maneuvers to make sure black people would not have access to wealth. Black resiliency led to black wall street and thus the white military government used the Air Force in its first domestic attack on its soil to destroy that prospering black city in 1921.

This major attack was successful and for the next several decades the black and white wealth gap remained. White supremacy won that day against its black citizens and the affects have been spectacular. They reestablished their position and although the black struggle against white supremacy remained, white people were comfortable.

Then in 1967 Loving vs Virigina created a whole new can of worms for the white supremacists. Marriage between black and white people. The Christian church tried to help by lying on God about interracial marriage and equating it with sin. A punishment that will not be overlooked by the Master. Although, the law was established using a white man and black woman, the interracial marriage took off with black men marrying white women. The flood moved faster then any white supremacists could image. The church failed and the deputized police officers failed to keep the numbers down. Interracial couples were under constant physical attack, abandonment from families, and squeezed from employment and still the interracial numbers went up. There was no denying the chemistry. White supremacy is now challenged to pivot again.

Derek Chauvin is guilty of murdering a black man who was in a interracial relationship with a white woman. This white supremacist boiling over with hatred, remembered a time in church when this was unacceptable behavior. The death of George Floyd reached international proportions because of the high numbers of interracial marriage. Many in the Christian church are turning their backs on the white supremacists theology and turning to the Biblical stance of marriage, which has only one parameter. A man must marry a woman and you do not require gymnastics to come up with this idea from God. Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, will inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). No such verse exists that condemns marrying between race.

Now that interracial saturation is underway, the Air Force is being called upon again to recreate the situation on black wall street. F-15 strike eagle was put on alert to swoop low in full afterburner and terrify citizens protesting George Floyd. Of course, if a missile falls, mistakes happen. Domestic violence is American. The race soldiers are moving forward with their plan of terror because currently the black and white wealth gap is closing. White supremacists understand that closing this gap will only further interracial coupling. The only thing holding back a true integrated flood is finances. When black men are on equal footing financially, then all hindrances would be removed and interracial coupling would be on fair ground.

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