God Infused Interracial Love and Marriage

You have been chosen. Selected by God to arrive in this century at this moment and at this time. Like every time in history there is a struggle and God anoints people to make a difference and shine so that others may receive sight. Your interracial marriage is in opposition to the present distress of racial tension and war. You were made for this moment. Called to lead the nation away from this war and toward a better future. Called to show who God is and what He means when He says, love one another. Selected from the racial tension you chose to marry the tension and produce unity at its most deepest level. You cannot become closer then marriage.

Every eye is on you. The world is watching and your marriage terrifies the producers of racial turmoil. They would rather see cohabitation. Marriage is such a powerful statement. Marriage says, I surrender. This form of surrender creates a ripple that makes it way down into the psychological fabric of the youth and moves them to question the original reason for racism. Breaking the chain of bondage with every interracial marriage and releasing flames that have far reaching implications on the global stage.

You can see the transitions that your interracial marriage is making and thus the distractors have been targeting your love for annihilation, but its too late. What God hath put together, let no man separate. Use the power of God to duplicate and grow exponentially as it is your destiny to reveal and shine. People seeing your good works should be led to glorify God. You are the underground movement that is working to propel and expel the system of white supremacy.

This is the hour to shine. This is the hour to flex your love and draw everything you need from God to produce good fruit and watch it remain.


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