Interracial Sexual Prosperity Gospel

We are living in a day when black and white people are seeing an eight-fold increase in STDs. While Hispanics have seen an increase of STDs by two. This means there is an exponential increase in sexual activity among white and black people that is outside of marriage. This is not the actions that will set people up for a interracial sexual prosperity gospel. Interracial sexual intercourse outside of marriage and multiple interracial sexual partners will not only lead to higher rates of STDs it will set your soul up for entering hell. I want interracial couples to prosper in this life and the next and that can only be done through the Creator.

We have already seen that resources alone is not the key to prosperity. You can be financial free and mentally, spiritually and emotionally bound. If you cannot see the connection between reckless sexual behavior and God’s revealed judgment in STDs, then you are blind and self deluded. If you want to see, then ask God to open your eyes and remove the blinders. When God removes the blinders and you can see, it will still be your responsibility to work out the revelation that God gives.

Interracial sexual prosperity gospel is simply doing sex God’s way. God’s way is first heterosexual and secondly it is within the boundaries of marriage. It has nothing to do with racial purity that is being taught by a hybrid version of doing sex God’s way. I have seen some in the white evangelical movement that equate sexual purity with race and this is another error that cannot be found with the Word. Keep it simple. Our soul is on the line and as I will judged by God for the things I write, you will be judged by God for the information you receive.

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