South Carolina couple arrested in road-rage attack on interracial couple

A white married couple in South Carolina face criminal charges in a road-rage attack on an interracial couple at whom they hurled racial slurs, according to reports.

John Kingkade, 38, and his wife, Krystal, 37, were each charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of first-degree assault and battery in the April 10 incident, the State reported.

Elena Vawter and her boyfriend, Bron Cornett, 21, who is black, were cut off at a red light on Two Notch Road by the Kingkades, who were in a Mercedes C-Class.

The driver motioned for the couple to pull over in a Dollar Tree parking lot, where John began shouting racial slurs and kicked their car, police said.

When Cornett got out of his car and tried to take a picture of the Mercedes’ license plate, John allegedly assaulted him, knocking him to the ground, according to an incident report cited by the news outlet..

Vawter, who rushed to his aid, was then assaulted by Krystal, according to a news release from the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

The Kingkades allegedly stole the victims’ cellphones before fleeing, authorities said. Witnesses shot video of the vile attack and called the cops.

A bystander who followed the attackers saw them stop about a mile away, where the woman got out of the vehicle and fled into woods.

“It was such a loud smack when my boyfriend hit the ground,” Vawter told WIS-TV. “The scream was so horrendous, I thought he had been shot.”

This is the white supremacists holy month. Interracial couples should move about fully prayed up and watchful. We are still at war and while the number of interracial coupling continues to rise this further angers the white supremacists who see their day coming to a close.

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