Interracial Shaking

What you are witnessing in this hour is the gathering together of the white structures that were previously presented as having opposing views coming together and presenting a single front. Bill Maher a white liberal who purported views against racism is now aligning his talking points with white supremacist suspects and white supremacists. People that were outwardly against racism or aligning themselves. Franklin Graham represents the white Christian community at large and has doubled down on racism. Praying for black victims, but financing policies for white ones. This alignment is good news for interracial couples. This is the power of interracial shaking.

White supremacists must be forced to come together and reveal themselves. The collaboration of interracial couples and friends must ask God for more revelation and more power. The interracial community must ask God for the interracial shaking. The interracial shaking must come in multiple ways. It must come through interracial marriage and family. It must come through a return of loving ones neighbor as themselves. It must come through a relationship with God’s Son Jesus. It must come through the interracial unity of the faith.

Chris Cuomo mentioned that police reform comes when white people’s kids start getting killed. A interracial shaking statement. Interracial shaking statements will loose America from the grip of white supremacists that have infiltrated every aspect of our society. Interracial shaking comes through telling the truth over and over again. The ground must shake interracially.

Shake your interracial commitments. The interracial shaking removes the parts of American culture that is ready to die. Keep shaking your interracial marriage and family. Keep shaking your commitment to interracial prayer. Keep shaking your interracial friendships and keep shaking your interracial power. The commitment of interracial shaking will loose American society from its institutional commitment to keep black people enslaved. Everywhere you are in this America and those of you around the world. Shake your interracial commitments and make them produce good fruit and may your fruit abound more in love and understanding.

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