Changing Garments

Entering the bed of interracial love is changing garments. Once single and unattached and before God you were unbound. Free to express your love to the Lord without distraction and now you have been found as the wife and you are entering into an interracial covenant of marriage. Now you both have become bound to one another and your garments have changed. No longer two, but one flesh. The garment of singleness must be cast off and the garment of marriage must be put on and this is not automatic. You both must choose to cast of the garment of singleness and put on the garment of marriage. Saying “I Do” is one thing and changing garments is another.

The garment change includes forsaking all others including family and becoming a single unit before God. No one else but God comes before this interracial marriage. Nothing outside or within yourself through the manipulation of demons should be allowed free reign. Every thought you bring under subjection to the new garment you have chosen to wear. As believers you put on the full armor of the Lord and as a married couple you put on the marital garment. It fits differently and it makes significant changes to your life. If you try to wear the single garment within your interracial marriage it will fail and you will possibly fail to see heaven because God hates divorce.

Change your entire thinking. You cannot hang out with the opposite sex as you did before you entered this covenant. No different then with God. God says, come out from among them and be separate and touch nothing unclean and I will receive you. Your interracial marriage is clean. It protects against fornication and grants you access to God’s favor. The interracial married garment is the white supremacists nightmare. They understand the power in which interracial marriage yields.

In your interracial marriage, remember to change every single garment that connects you to singleness and put on every marital garment for continued interracial marriage success.

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