All White Girl Brearley School Teaches Racial Moral Obligation Classes and Suspected White Supremacists Strike Back Bari Weiss & Andrew Gutmann

Bari Weiss & Andrew Gutmann are the latest suspected white supremacists to berate a high end school that teaches a high end education. This all-white girl school teaches its students about the racial obligation of being privileged. This type of moral obligation of privilege is unacceptable for the rich white families to maintain injustice within the borders of American society. We thank these racist white men for stepping up to the plate and revealing themselves along with the supporters online and other forms of media. We understand the long history of white men hating interracial marriage and any teaching that may make changes in the rate going up for them is highly problematic.

We understand that this school is all white because of slavery and racism and white supremacy in the first place and Andrew Gutmann is confident that the rich white families will want to make sure their white daughters do not end up in the arms of a black men. It is the anti-black teaching in schools that has perpetuated the racism within America in the first place and why more and more legislation needs to be established to protect American citizens (black and white) from discrimination.

It is here that you can clearly see how the church connects with this racist theology and how white supremacy lives and manifests in many white Christian establishments. We have seen the fall of Liberty Universities leader and many more who have a form presented as being godly, but behind closed doors we find the truth of white supremacy and the hidden agenda of those seeking to maintain and further dominate black people.

The world needs to see the white supremacists true nature and how slippery he moves within American society. Bari Weiss & Andrew Gutmann may be used as a case study for how white supremacists think and how they lie to the public to cover their true intentions. Understand that God is about loving your neighbor as yourself. White supremacy is about domination and hatred of people created in the image of God. It is demonic and devilish and this is why it moves in the same slippery way that Satan himself does. Remember, Satan was able to convince through lying, one-third of the angels to join him in a fight against God.

These white supremacists are dangerous and slippery. White girls must be on guard and watch out. Watch over your soul and do not be deceived. The Bible equates hatred with murder. No murderer has eternal life living within. These men are selling wolf tickets and the only ones buying are the ones that love the works of the devil and will receive his reward.

Maintaining white supremacy at the cost of your soul is unwise. No matter how much money and prestige you attain, it will eat like cancer your soul in hell. You will not escape the judgment and wrath of God and the blood spilled and the false judgments that you have made will become your greatest burden. You will curse God and you will shake your fist, but God will not hear your cries for help and will not rescue your soul from the pit. It is foolish to think that false actions and slippery tongues will not be condemned. The fraudulent dealings will come to light and God’s servants will never be forsaken.

For those offended by their actions and hurt by their mindset and for those destroyed by their temporary power, I counsel you to wait on the Lord, pray, and then act on God’s wisdom. The Lord will tell you what to do and when He speaks, move on His direction.

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