When God Backs Your Interracial Marriage

It is important to note that when Moses called by God married someone of a different family, his sister rebuked Him. She even used her God given title as prophetess to assert that she knows better then Moses. God gave her leprosy and she was kicked out of the tent and it would have been worse, but Moses prayed for her. This type of authority and protection from God is given to His children that sacrifice for Him the most. The theme of humans sacrificing their life for God and people who have not sacrificed nearly as much for the Master find themselves in trouble with God. Take note of Pharaoh’s army that came against Moses, they lost their life.

When a white supremacists comes against your interracial marriage whether they are family or stranger, they will face God when you have positioned yourself properly. Do not expect God’s protection or involvement if you have sacrificed nothing for the Master, but if your heart is sold on Jesus, then your enemies will pay dearly for messing with the King of kings children. Your interracial marriage is precious and God holds marriage in the highest regard and anyone trying to separate the triune love you both have of God and each other can pay with their souls.

I want you to position your interracial marriage within the fire of God. This means that you access God daily and make Him the apple of your eye. When you position your interracial marriage in the live fire of God it places a certain protection over your life. You may hear people say God did not do this or that and my question is, what did you do for God? Are you expecting something for nothing? Do you expect to work and not get paid? Do you expect to give your spouse sexual pleasure and not be pleasured in return? Then check your actions before God, before accusing Him of not being faithful. I have found God to be faithful, because I reap what I sow.

You cannot listen to what I write in this blog about interracial marriage and not walk in power, because I walk in power and if you have read this far, go ahead and place your hand over your chest and ask God to give you power. Power to love Him more and be faithful. Power to overcome the flesh and devil. More power, Lord. In Jesus name. Now walk in the power that I know He just gave you. Walk it out. Now walk it out.

Be blessed in your interracial marriage and be salt and light.

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