Lindani Myeni, a married father-of-two from the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa, was Shot and Killed

Lindani Myeni, a married father-of-two from the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa, was shot and killed Wednesday evening by Honolulu Police officers. The shooting took place during an apparent home invasion incident in the Nuuanu neighborhood.

Police said the black man, who lived nearby, followed a woman into her home, took off his shoes and exhibited ‘odd’ behavior’. When police arrived, Myeni allegedly ‘charged’ at the 3 cops and punched them, with the police chief saying their ‘lives were in jeopardy.’

The cops fired four shots at Myeni and he was taken to hospital where he died. One cop was hospitalized with major facial injuries and concussion following the incident while the other two also sustained injuries, police said.

Myeni’s family say he was not a violent person and suggest his actions may have been the result of cultural differences after he moved to Hawaii in January. His American wife Lindsay said in the Zulu Kingdom it is customary to go into ‘anyone’s home’ and taking off his shoes was a mark of respect.

His death comes one week after Honolulu Police officers shot and killed 16-year-old Iremamber Sykap during a car chase on April 5. Source

The word is out and your interracial marriage is global and white supremacy is global. I hear April is the white supremacists holy month and true to form the mass shootings are right on time and interracial marriage continues to be under attack by the white supremacists male.

In all this, we are not to worry or fret. This is expected. It should come as no surprise, but as mentioned in a earlier post, keep your eyes on Jesus. I know this couple met on a Christian mission, not sure if whether it was real Christianity or not. I have seen Christian missions up close and have found many of them to be another form of military warfare. Who am I to judge this situation as far as fidelity to God, my notion is simply that we must continue to watch and position ourselves to be defended by God. We do this by being sold out. There will be repercussions for killing a child of God.

What I want my interracial family to understand is that God is faithful. We must do everything in our power to reciprocate. Paul, mentioned beating his body into submission, so that he would not be disqualified before God and we must have the same attitude.

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