Dependent Interracial Marriage

There is a dependent interracial marriage that prospers and one that does not. The root of the dependency of your interracial marriage will determine its future. This is crucial to your success. Recently, I misplace a key, immediately inquired of the Lord and God led me to its location. The Bible tells us to acknowledge God in all of our ways and that word ALL means all.

God wants our dependency on Him. Jesus said, if you do not abide in the vine, you cannot produce good fruit. If your interracial marriage is not dependent on God, it cannot produce good fruit. You can tell the difference between an interracial marriage dependent on God and one that is dependent on human/demonic strength. I say, demonic, because if you do not know God that is the only power, counsel and covering you possess.

There is a sweet taste to the interracial marriage that is dependent on God. When Jesus rules the home and the occupants walk in obedience to the all-powerful Master, they join in the sweetness that is found in heavenly places. They catch glimpses of glory.

In this time of mass shootings and reckless white supremacists outbreaks, you will not be able to protect yourself with human strength. Clearly, you cannot depend upon law enforcement. You need God dependency. Watching your health is good, however, you still need God dependency. Become God dependent in your interracial marriage. This dependency is acceptable and profitable.

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