What Have White Women Done?

Some things to keep on your radar for your awareness. The white women of America have gone rogue according to the white supremacist male. He is angry about the lost of President Trump and he views the US as his personnel country. A country that is currently being overrun by black and white marriages. He cannot run and hide in a gated community because interracial couples live there. He can’t go to target or simply eat out at a restaurant without seeing a billboard with a smiling black men and happy white woman. He turns on his television and sees another happy interracial couple buying a home. He turns the station and another interracial couple are looking at wedding rings. The white supremacists considers this war.

He does not view the above couple as lovers. So because of this white woman’s blatant disrespect according to him, he must go to more extreme patterns of warfare. Many of these white supremacists are in the National Guard as we have seen members removed during the Jan. 6 insurrection and they are not the only ones plotting.

The organizer of the aborted White Lives Matter rally in Raleigh, NC claims to be a National Guard member who wants to launch an “aboveground fascist movement,” according to recordings from an April 9 voice chat leaked to Raw Story.

Following the Jan. 6 insurrection, “Bolts” tweeted, “The president had a hard choice to make yesterday. Start a civil war and lead patriots to victory like our founders had to. Or let the scumbag elite have full and total control of our nation. Trump will soon be in a jail cell, the Republican Party will be dead.” Then, making clear that he viewed Trump as a traitor, he posted an antisemitic and misogynistic cartoon portraying Trump as a housewife stabbing a grim militiaman in the back while wearing a bonnet stitched with the star of David.

For white supremacists it is something about Jews putting this secret plan of black men and white women together, but you ask them or me and I did not have no secret agenda, but saw something shiny, desired, pursued and acquired. It was love at first sight.

What have white women done? They are winding up the white supremacists male. Keep in mind. They are not doing this purposely. They are simply living their life. This war is in their head. Like the schizophrenic man who believes everyone is laughing at them, including people that do not know they exist. The white supremacists see interracial coupling as warfare. They dismiss the genuine love these couples have for one another. They see this as an attack and cannot be convinced otherwise. Do not allow this to dismay you. Heavy exposure is required to push us toward the final day of white supremacy.

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