Getting Dirty in Your Fight with White Supremacy?

Keep your eye on the prize and do not let the cares of this life distract your God given assignment. You are called to be salt and light and your interracial marriage is a highlighter that pierces the darkness. Some may be concerned with Tucker Carlson’s rhetoric and may fear his speech rally’s the white nationalist for domestic white supremacists attacks. Police brutality and riots are becoming the norm. There are white terrorist groups popping up and white lives matter rally’s filled with violence across the country. This has nothing to do with you. You’re protection and your prosperity comes from God. Your counsel is from God and your covering is from His Spirit.

The intensity and the desperation of white supremacists is a good thing. It means they fear losing their Confederacy. They are being exposed at every turn and their ability to cloak themselves in lies has almost been completely diminished. The use of black hirelings is backfiring and people like Candace Owens are transparent. If you are going to get dirty in your interracial relationship, then do so at a mud run. Have fun and enjoy your interracial marriage and relationships.

Every time you see outbursts of white supremacists behavior, know that your interracial marriage is the sign that this war is evil. Interracial marriage is better then war. Being wrapped together as black and white people in love is far better then war and injustice. So get dirty in a mud run and expend your energy serving the Most High God.

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