Theft of Military Equipment on the Rise at Fort Bragg, Assistant Chief Says

Theft of “TA-50″— Army-issued individual equipment — was up in the first quarter of 2021, Assistant Chief Jeffery Gassaway, station commander for Fort Bragg’s law enforcement center, said during a March 17 virtual Fort Bragg town hall meeting.

“I need all the help of all the soldiers out there,” Gassaway said. “I need the help of all the commanders and first sergeants, so we can get a wrap on this larceny of government property, because we have thousands and thousands of dollars of property being taken off this installation and being sold to other places.”

According to Fort Bragg’s crime statistics for fiscal year 2020, there were 177 reports of larceny of government property.

“We are now starting to receive off-post reports,” Gassaway said, noting local law enforcement agencies are also receiving report of military equipment being stolen. Source

Fort Bragg area has a rich history of racism and the targeting of black people in the area is fierce. Interracial couples be watchful. Stolen military equipment will not be used for fun and games. Also, keep in mind that there is unrevealed larceny of government property as well as revealed. No need to be fearful, but be watchful. Stay in prayer and connected to God. You want to be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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