The Absence of Interracial Promotion is Anti Interracial Marriage

The beauty of serving the Lord is God’s transparency. He tells His followers that following me will not be easy. You will have trials and tribulations. Yes! I control everything, but I still demand these tests and if you are going to serve me, it will cost you. God says, I will befriend the obedient and will bless those who serve me, when it suits Me. I am God and I do whatever I desire. Take me or go to hell.

The devil and his followers are not transparent. They work through deception and pretend to befriend, while plotting and scheming your demise.

Someone asked the question concerning a previous blog post on Senator Tom Cotton about his attack on interracial marriage with his bill to limit military personnel learning about the present racial condition. They said, show concrete evidence. The problem is that no one can show you the devil. His presence is know through absence and movement. What is absent exposes him. If a Senator is not promoting interracial marriage with his platform, I ask why? Why is this absent? Then your movement is to limit learning about race. When clearly there is a racial problem within America. His motive becomes clear. If you are waiting for the devil to tell you his plan, you will die and go to hell. There is a reason God tells His children to be wise as serpents.

If any politician, preacher, or thought leader is not promoting interracial marriage this absence is a revealer. There is no reason in this hour that the liberal media should be leading the way here. If your so-called Christian church is not promoting interracial marriage, then you are in the presence of suspected white supremacist. No one can say Jesus is Lord and mean it without the Holy Spirit. Look for the absences in life, they are like car tailpipes. You may not see the toxic material leaving it, but if the tailpipe is present rest assured toxicity is being released.

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