Interracial Gold

Just like gold must go through a process to become purified, your interracial marriage will undergo the same process. Your success in the process is determined by your willingness to receive the Comforter. One of the benefits of being a Christian is receiving the Holy Spirit for comfort. When you are going through life without the Comforter, you are limited tremendously in your ability to discern the right mate and make choices with greater insight. The Comforter is a must for interracial gold. As the numbers increase in interracial coupling, there will be an increase in tragic arrangements because they lack the Comforter. It will have nothing to do with race, even if its packaged in such a way that race appears to be a factor. Interracial gold becomes a reality when God has access to your heart.

Your attraction for one another is God given. Who makes one to differ from another? God gives us attractions to change destinies and make significant changes to the direction of nations. His creatures are nothing more then people moving in this or that direction and ultimately God is in complete control. Interracial gold is taking advantage of God’s grace and using His patience to become purified. His vision is that you love Him and one another. His vision is that you become the standard for unbelievers to follow. Gold is shiny and your interracial marriage should be shiny.

The gold standard has been revealed within the pages of Scripture and your ability to carryout interracial gold is within your heart and hands. Keep your attention on God’s word and each other. Refrain from allowing any wedges that Satan is sure to bring, to work against your purity. Being made for one another is part one and being made interracial gold is part two. Part one is easier then part two. However, with the Comforter all things are possible to them that believe. If you believe in interracial gold, you can become it.

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