Timmieblaze: Is Britain the Model of Diversity for the World?

Piers Morgan is going on his apology tour to justify his racism toward the interracial marriage of Megyn Markle by claiming that black people make up this idea of racism. A recent UK report into race and ethnic disparities claimed that the UK does not have a systemic racism issue and that they are world’s model for diversity. A look into history and the present day interracial marriage statistics states otherwise. As you know, my litmus test is interracial marriage. The UK interracial marriage statistics in 2010 was 9% and the US at the time was 15%. America is leading the nations of the world on diversity.

While the UK has sought to encourage oneness through their campaign of showing interracial couples on television and in their magazines, it has not translated to actual application. The Oprah interview with Megyn Markle is what the UK needed. Now, we shall witness who will become the leader of diversity as I assume their interracial marriage rates will now grow exponential.

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