White Women as Postmodern Vehicle of American Exceptionalism

A nation divided against itself cannot stand, but a nation unified becomes exceptional. White women are leading the way and unifying America through interracial marriage. The rapid rates of interracial coupling is spurring the aggressive behavior from white supremacists who enjoy the division and hope to erect a new slave trade. Matt Gaetz is under investigation on suspicion of violating federal sex-trafficking laws. Many more suspected white supremacists have plead guilty and we no many more are walking free. White men with their large sums of money and connections are being exposed on a daily basis and this cancerous behavior in our society is detrimental to good order and discipline and eats at the fabric of American exceptionalism.

Matt Gaetz

The pandemic has postponed American white women from marrying interracially, but now as the pandemic weakens the wait is over. The alter is thirsty for interracial couples to marry and have children and begin the hard work of unifying American society. White women are working diligently to put to bed the division and hasten American exceptionalism. You can see the interracial movement everywhere you go within the country as the numbers continue to rise and with the advancement of social media and the increasing rates of education this trend is catching fire. Gone are the days of governors on the necks of white women like Paul Lepage. White women are in a prime position to become listed in the history books for bringing about American exceptionalism. They have the resources and they have the complexion for protection against white supremacy. They have access and they have the power to choose justice. They also have the power to expose detractors of American exceptionalism and create conditions of success for all people.

The work is underway and the movement is solidifying. I was at the mall yesterday and saw a beautiful interracial couple at Kay’s jeweler looking at wedding rings. Marriage is the device God uses to unify Christians and marriage is the only vehicle that will unify American black and white people. If working together was enough, then slavery would never have existed. Black and white people worked together during slavery. Integration without marriage possess the same power as cohabitation, which means you do not have God’s favor and no inheritance and you are headed to hell.

I noticed an uptick in views from Sweden and recently found Marta Stenevi who is on board with white women moving aside. I say, marry. Marriage is the best tool because it does not create division. Moving aside to allow a quasi black supremacy is not exceptionalism. Exceptionalism is found in marriage.

Is there any better solution then marriage? No.

“and the two shall become one flesh; so they are no longer two, but one flesh” (Mark 10:8).

Kingdoms unite in marriage.



  1. Not just Lepage, but also Trump, Kemp, Bill O’Reilly, Pat McCrory as well. They hate the idea of White women marrying and having families with Black men.


  2. Trump is a lot of things, but a racist is not one of them. All this guy has done has help black people. If it were not for Trump Don King would bot be the promoter he is today. It was Trump that put King on the map hosting his Boxing Promotions at Trump Hotels/Casinos. In 1984 and 88 when Jesse Jackson first ran for President, ABSOLUTELY NO WHITE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS would raise or give him any money, it was Trump that funded his campaign (look it up) it was Trump that financed Al Sharpton for years. It was Trump in 1986 that received the Prestigious Long Island Award (an award for helping and contributing to minority and immigrant communities) along with, WAIT FOR IT, ROSA PARKS AND MUHAMMAD ALI. It was Trump, who, when Jennifer Hudson’s family that was brutally murdered put her and the remainder of her family in his hotels for free. Trump pardoned (posthumously) former Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson (convicted of violating the mann act) basically openly dating white women and going across State lines with them. Obama was to pardon Johnson by his family and Obama declined. Trump has pardoned rappers Lil’ Wayne, Kodak Blak, got ASAP Ferg out of a Swedish jail, got LeMello Ball out of trouble when he stole a pair of shades in China. Again, Trump is a lot of things, but a racist is not one of them


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