The Interracial Size That Matters

One of the issues with interracial coupling may be interracial stereotypes that are the leftover results of slavery. In slavery, black men where the property of white men and women and thus the Mandingo narrative became prevalent as a way to scare white women from engaging in sexual relationships with their black male slaves. The size that mattered was between the legs and not between the heart and mind. While sex is important in marriage it is only one of multiple ways for relational success and marital joy to be maintained. The size the matters is the heart.

God challenges us as Christians to have a large heart. We are called to love the Lord, love our wives and children, love our neighbor, and love our enemy. This is the interracial size that matters. This is the interracial size that will save the soul from eternal death. This size will frustrate the devil and give problems to the spirit of depression. This size will fortify your interracial marriage and disrupt the power of white supremacy. This size will empower God to run your vengeance campaign and builds a huge hedge of protection.

The interracial size that matters produces good fruit. Your life will have access to peace and joy. Your life will be sweet to the taste and one that will cause others to question your hope and your power. This is the interracial size that builds a home and raising children that call their mother blessed. Love is the interracial size that matters. Nothing can be more important then its power because this power is fueled by God who is love according to 1 John 4:8.

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