Wedding Planning… Alanna & Marcus June 12, 2021

It has definitely been a whirlwind! Once we finally nailed down the venue, makeup artist, hair stylist, DJ, and other random small vendors, we were hit with a national pandemic, stopping us in our tracks. How were we supposed to plan, much less THINK about a wedding when so much chaos was happening around us? We suddenly had to make the choice to either get eloped just us two OR delay the wedding – and we of course, we chose the latter.

It was a difficult decision to reschedule everything, but we wanted to put our friends, family, and health above everything else. While there have been many stress-inducing decisions and conversations, the end result of focusing on how and why to bring people together has been really heartwarming.

Our advice to other couples going through this same experience is to remember why you’re getting married. It’s so easy to get caught up in being a bride that you can lose sight of being a wife. These hectic times during a global pandemic have brought us so much closer. Instead of worrying constantly about color schemes or people pleasing, we try remind ourselves that at the end of the day, we have each other. There are so many other important things going on in the world right now, that we just feel so lucky and blessed to be able to worry about a wedding. We already have so much, and are grateful to our friends and family who have been so supportive and understanding along the way.

Still, it’s a good reminder to tell yourself that everything you’re feeling is valid right now and it’s been such a great time to remember that we’re in this together. We just feel so incredibly lucky that we have a partner to navigate this with, especially with all of the drama surrounding our wedding venue, losing deposits and thousands of dollars, having vendors drop out, rescheduling constantly, and many tears. A wedding is just one day of your life, but your marriage is the rest of your life, so we’re putting our energy into building our marriage first and the wedding will fall into place. And plus, what a crazy story to tell our kids one day! Source


The Farm, A Gathering Place is located on a beautiful farm filled with horses and organic sustainable gardens. We chose this place in particular because of their dedication to the finest, freshest, home grown foods with a familiar family atmosphere. Everything you will eat or drink, including mixers and edible flowers, will be grown on the property or grown in partnership with local farmers to source produce, cheese, meat and fish. Marcus and I worked to create an elevated southern style menu, ensuring fresh-picked flavor for an authentic farm-to-table dining experience.

Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains at the confluence of the Swannanoa River and the French Broad River, Asheville is described as ‘edgy, artsy, and inviting.’ The highest peaks in the Eastern US make it a wonderful destination for hiking, rafting, and exploring nature. The city has also been known to brew a good beer, so all of our pours will be local as well. We’re excited to spend a weekend with you in a place that is so special to us, only minutes away from where we grew up.


The Farm, A Gathering Place in Asheville NC, right outside of the Biltmore house.


We will host a light drinks and snacks reception the night before the wedding to greet and dance with all of our guests in style. The following day, June 12, 2021 (we hope for real this time!), we will start at 3pm. Source



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