Timmieblaze: Is Cher a White Savior for Her George Floyd Tweet that has been Criticized?

Before you lead with an emotional response, wisdom dictates that you consider one thing. The masses will often be wrong. God said, many are going to hell and few are going to heaven. This premise plays in every setting and with everything. Few will be right about the stock market and many will be wrong. Warren Buffett said, buy when the masses are fearful and sell when the masses are buying. His wisdom has profited him substantially. So, I hear that the singer and vocal liberal Cher found herself trending on Twitter and being accused of being a white-savior, after she tweeted a message saying she “could’ve helped” George Floyd.


In determining whether she is behaving like a white-savior it helps to define it. For my purpose being a white-savior is a white person that believes they know what is better for a black person, without taking into account the current white supremacist system. For example, Will Smith in Hancock  was experimented on by white people and became a drunk with super powers and needed a white man to show him the light. This is white-savior on display. Some may say the same thing with Sandra Bullock and the black football player. Is Cher’s tweet the same thing? No.

White supremacy cannot be dismantled without the help of white people. During the march for George Floyd there were white women standing in-front of black boys and men to shield them from the police officers and this act is not white-savior behavior. The motive for white-savior behavior is propaganda to demonize black people. It supports white supremacy. Cher could very well have protected George Floyd, there were white women who did protect black men in the march. Her tweet is not tone-deaf. There is a difference between commanding the black person to be better and standing between the black person and the threat.

In normal fashion, she sent some tweets to clarify her position.

White-savior behavior will always lead from the back while pushing the black person forward and being anti-racist is leading from the front and protecting the black person.

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