The Rise in Interracial Marriage Stocks

The market’s march into April pushed the S&P 500-stock index past the 4,000-point mark for the first time, to 4,020. The key market benchmark is coming off its fourth straight quarterly gain for as of March 31. The U.S. economy brought back more jobs than expected in March, presaging even faster employment growth in the coming months as more Americans become vaccinated and jobs across industries return. The wedding bells are ringing and interracial couples are pressing the rates of coupling to all time highs.

Dr Eugene calls out white supremacy and we are moving into April with wind behind the sales.

This economy is fueling interracial marriage and when the church catches the fire, it will explode and produce results that will far exceed the record breaking stock rise. The new generation of children will rise with far greater depth of racial experience and these interracial couples are poised to be better Christians then we have seen in the past. Also, the temptation will be greater and the fight for morality harder, but that means God will release more power for His children to thrive.

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