Angry White Judge Peter Cahill Rebukes White Female Genevieve Hansens, Emotional Witness at the Derek Chauvin Trial

Judge Peter Cahill on March 30 reprimanded Genevieve Hansen, a witness, when her exchanges with Derek Chauvin’s lawyer grew tense at the end of an emotional day of testimony.

A Minneapolis firefighter who was off-duty when she came upon the scene of George Floyd’s arrest testified in Derek Chauvin’s murder trial Tuesday that she feared for Floyd’s life and offered to give him emergency medical attention or at least direct the officers to do so.

“He wasn’t moving, and he was cuffed,” Genevieve Hansen said. “Three grown men is a lot… putting their weight on somebody — too much.”

Hansen, 27, a two-year member of the Fire Department, testified that she was out for a walk on a day off and heading home when she came upon the scene at E. 38th Street and Chicago in late May. She circled around and grew immediately concerned.

Hansen said Chauvin appeared “very comfortable with the majority of his weight balanced on top of Mr. Floyd” while pinning him to the pavement with his knee.

“I identified myself right away because I noticed that he needed medical attention. It didn’t take long to notice that he had an altered level of consciousness,” she said. “My attention moved from Mr. Floyd to ‘How can I gain access to this patient and give him medical attention or provide direction to the officers?'”

However, she was repeatedly rebuffed by Officer Tou Thao, who was keeping increasingly agitated bystanders at bay as they pleaded for Chauvin to set Floyd free.

Prosecutor Matthew Frank asked Hansen how she felt being unable to use her training and tend to Floyd.

“There is a man being killed,” she said, “and I would have been able to provide medical attention to the best of my abilities, and this human was not provided that right.”

Hansen said that if given access to Floyd, she would have called for more assistance, then asked for someone to fetch a defibrillator from the nearby Speedway gas station. She also would have checked his airway and looked for a spinal injury “because of all the weight on him.”

“Were you able to do any of those steps?” Frank asked.

“No sir,” she said.

“How did it make you feel?” Frank asked.

“Totally distressed.”

“Were you frustrated?”

“Yes,” Hansen said, beginning to cry. Source

Are we shocked that a white male judge would rebuke this white woman for defending a dead black man? Absolutely not. White supremacy must stay on code to survive. You recall Bill Maher condemning woke white women and he’s supposed to be liberal. His ideology aligns with Megyn Kelly and we do not need to go into her story of jesus being white. Take note. Watch the system work and do not be shocked with the outcome.

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