White Women Like Meghan Marguerite McCain Are Unqualified To Speak on Identity Politics that Affect Interracial Marriage

America was built on racism and fashioned on a political system that was built on race and gender and today we have someone like Meghan Marguerite McCain who appears to be in disbelief about a political structure that elected her for the position she currently holds. White women in slavery owned slaves, land, and great sums of money. They fought in courts dominated by white men and won lawsuits against them. All done on the back of identity politics. Politics has never been color blind. When I see white men in seminary trying to compare critical race theory and identity politics with Christianity, I hear nothing but more and more white supremacists rhetoric.

White privileged men are unqualified to speak on racial anything. The qualification must come from academics and experience. Listen to Solomon, “I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all they that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge (Ecclesiastes 1:16).” If you fail to have the experience, then your knowledge and wisdom is limited. Thus unqualified to speak on the experience of black people within a system that is clearly run by white supremacists. The best one may take is to parrot the experience of another that is bold and fearless enough to tell the truth. You can also expose what white supremacists are doing overtly to minimize and delegitimize black people.

There are white people all over the United States of America in positions that they are  unqualified to hold. They are simple there due to nepotism or because of their whiteness. My dad work along side white men with no degree and he had a Master Degree in Business and trained them and made less money. In the military, they have to use a different strategy, because the pay scale is fixed based on rank, so they simple make sure you do not promote and if possible do not complete 20 years for retirement. Tactics like intimidation, leave you out of important meetings, don’t put you in for decorations etc. or how the white supremacists within the military make sure you do not advance as a black person. Nothing to do with qualifications.

Identity politics played a role in white women unable to marry black men. Identity politics is not new nor are we heading toward it. It has been here and will continue to be used, until interracial marriage rates reach 40%. We are almost half way there with 17% and look at the progress that has been made in the conscious of many. Imagine what 40% will look like.


  1. I agree with you, nepotism is white people’s affirmative action. And they have benefited from it waaaaaaay more than black people have benefited from affirmative action.


  2. I am interracially married and held the position that this lifestyle was and still is the only way to bridge gaps between white people and people of color. Simply put, we are still ALL Americans at the end of the day.


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