How White Women Use Themselves as Instruments of Delight

In June, I will be attending an interracial wedding with my cousin and his beautiful white fiancé and I am sure they will bring wonderful joy to each other and the children they create together. I am sure they will make full use of the wisdom that they have both been taught from the Scriptures and that they will default any disagreement under the umbrella of Jesus Christ. This is how white women use themselves as instruments of delight. They marry and build beautiful families that honor the Lord. They live in the truth and they are unapologetic even if the truth may not be favorable. These white women understand that suffering in the flesh is promised by God and that it yields precious fruit.

White women in particular who marry black men are telling the nations of the world that they are qualified to be the bride of the most oppressed man on the planet and that they are fearless enough to handle the white supremacists man and woman and they are not afraid of the evil they will bring as they know that they are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus. The white supremacists may roar and send his legion, but all these things will work for your good for those in God and for those who are called by God. You have more then enough and together you have exponential power.

White women use themselves as instruments of delight when they are able to dismantle new white supremacists tactics before they take root. Remember, casting down every imagination that exalts itself against God is your greatest tool to becoming mature in Christ and maintaining your vigilance as a Christian soldier. If you did not know you were at war, now you do. This war against wickedness takes on human flesh, but God will give you a way to escape. The new tactic is making white women married to black men the enemy of the state. It is a strategy that is brewing as I write. White women in your camp will begin the process of tagging you. You will be vectored and dismissed if you show any signs of being just. If you show any signs of integrity, you will be dismissed. White supremacists cannot afford to have people within their ranks to have integrity. Integrity may be a core value listed in many organizations because it makes for good window dressing, but an all white leadership at the company should immediately tell you that integrity is not what this particular organization is built upon.

Your interracial marriage should mirror the Bible and you should not be shocked by attacks from the enemy. Expect them. Winning in your interracial marriage makes you an instrument of delight and a force that cuts deep and works to dismantle the system of white supremacy.


  1. Mixing races diminishes the DNA purity of both races. It is anti-diversity. It is genocide. It is like mashing all the different colored food in a smorgasbord together into 1 gray goop. Boring and tasteless. Keep your racial and cultural integrity. Value your ancestors. Be loyal to those who created you over thousands of years. Do not destroy the future of your children who should look like you. If you think you are a good person, then marry someone who looks like you. If you think you are bad person, then do humanity a favor and dilute your DNA or better yet create no kids. Different races are for a reason, for the ability of the human species to adapt to sudden changes in climate. If there is global warming, pure Blacks will survive best. If there is an Ice Age, pure Whites will do best. But racially mixed people will go extinct. You are perfect the way God made you.


      1. Keep deluding yourself with more professional fake photos and b**ls**t twisting of the Bible to suit your sick race-traitor weakness. You’re the black genocide activist.


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