Savor Your Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage is the flavor of the day, even with the controversy surrounding Harry and Meghan. It is their interracial marriage that has set the UK on fire and exposed what everyone with understanding already knew. White supremacy is global. The same racist regime there is also present in the Americas. I have personally been to several countries around the world including Canada and no where that I have touched my feet have I said, ahah white supremacy does not rule here. It rules Trinidad and Tobago as well. This context is irrelevant to our pursuit in savoring our interracial marriage.

As you can see by the intro picture this married couple is working toward savoring their interracial marriage. There are many things that may be learned through taste.

“Taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8). Allow the mind to become aware of the magnitude of your interracial marriage in view of God’s Word. This is what it means to taste. To perceive through the senses the depth of your conscious intertwining. Taste your mate.

You may be surprised to find what lies inside. Savoring your interracial marriage is becoming one in your personal pursuit for living. To grow with each passing day and expand your definition of love as you abound more and more. “Taste and see that the LORD is good” (Psalm 34:8). Your ability to taste God is extremely important in having the ability to properly savor your interracial marriage. Think about what you have been able to accomplish and why? If you are in your right mind? Why? Your extremities function properly and God has clothed you. Your ability to clothe yourself is God’s grace. Not everyone has this ability. Savor it. Savor everything your interracial marriage provides and attach value. Leave nothing behind without a taste.

She is your wife and you are her husband. Savor one another daily. Count the things you both provide the other. Savor your interracial marriage. Count one by one. You will see by counting that your value to one another is high. Apart your valuation decreases, but together you can accomplish exponentially so much more. Savoring your interracial marriage is your ability to perceive every point of value in the other. Tasting one another is savoring your interracial marriage.

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