The New Parental Team Can Never Replace Your Interracial Marriage

It is no secret that the state is being positioned to take over the parenting of every family in the United States of America. In fact, it has already been done for so long that most are unaware. Your educational system filled with teachings that contradict the wisdom found within the pages of Scripture have longed been fed to citizens that have been miseducated to make decisions based on bad theology and antichrist doctrine. Learning about the Big Bang and white washed history has only been used to serve the ones that currently have been enriched by the pandemic. White male U.S. billionaires have gained almost $1 Trillion in wealth during the pandemic. The work of a system designed to make sure the black and white wealth gap remains and becomes enlarged, while the masses fight over a $15 dollar minimum wage. When the state controls the masses they become the parents and chaos rules the land and people storm capitals and God sends pestilence and storm hoping that people would wake up to know that He alone is the answer.

The Democrats have it wrong. Making the state the parent and not the man and woman will not bode well for your future. The Republicans have it wrong. Making Christ white and a God who chooses based on race will not bode well for your future. Your interracial marriage will only thrive by using God’s Word to lead it. Do not be seduced by idols and acquiring things that have little value. Your children depend upon your leadership and the nuclear family is superior to any design fed by the world. Look at the world’s results? Depression, suicide, poverty, murder, thievery, STDs, confusion and divorce. A man who believes he is a woman is confused to believe otherwise is to be blind and dumb. If you are living outside your means, then you have been seduced by the world, remember, your wealth is in your relationship with Jesus and your power is in your ability to say no to the devil’s offer. Your understanding is running from sin and running to the one that can save your soul from eternal damnation.

As a man you must take the helm of leadership and deal with your wife according to knowledge. God’s knowledge. You must see to it that your children are raised with Godly wisdom that will profit them eternally and not simply the wisdom of this world. Gaining the world and losing ones soul is no profit. You cannot keep anything in this life, not even your wife. There is no marriage in heaven. Do not be foolish. God gave you a wife to remove loneliness and build His kingdom using her womb. She is saved through childbearing. Doing it God’s way and for Him will garnish the best results and your fruit will remain. God rewards the faithful.

As a woman you must protect his sexuality and feed him with your flesh so that he is full and Satan cannot come and tempt him. You must pray for him daily and trust God to grant you wisdom to deal with him accordingly. The devil will use your weakness in the flesh to work division, but you overcome his deception by understanding your role in God’s kingdom. Your womb is your shield and your power is in your ability to acquire God’s spiritual gifts by believing and coveting them. Believe God is faithful and understand your power in Him is released when you obey.

The parental team is at work already and the mystery of iniquity to use the lack of resources to convince you to give up your family is underway, but you must resist the temptation and trust the Lord. Remember, this is not our home. We are simply passing through and our hope is not is the restitution of this earth because God already prophesied its destruction by fire.

Right now the 14th amendment is being used as another demonic tool of the devil to convince the godless that LGBTQ is equal to the superiority found between one man and one woman. The world is using black people as usual to push more filth and destruction, but you do not have to be a victim. Your interracial marriage is superior. It is the physical picture of the new earth and heaven as it will not be divided by race, but by faith. The new parental team which is the government raising your children will never bode well, but bring on God’s judgment, however you can escape this judgment by living according to His will and by faith you will succeed.


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