The Interracial Military Marriage Future

The attacks on the capital on January 6, 2021 will become written in the history books and spoke about for years to come. The actions and inactions will be debates that will last for decades. The active and inactive presence of the military via actually storming and fueling the flames through internet participation will be remembered. The military is currently going over ways to deal with the infiltration of white supremacists. The interracial couples within the military are also having their senses sharpened. Higher officials asking members of the force why they chose their mates should be put on notice. Every interracial couple within the military should report racist behavior to equal opportunity immediately. You could be very well saving the US military from a soft or hard coup.

The interracial military marriage future is bright. The white supremacists within the ranks will be rooted out and you will be able to move around more freely. Military leadership is still exclusively white and we know why. Remember, to the white supremacist your white wife in their face is you parading her around. Angered by her smile and biracial children they lurk on internet sites plotting and scheming. Grown men more concerned about your sex life and what you do at home, rather then focusing on their own marriage. Do not worry, the interracial military marriage future is bright.

The number of interracial marriages within the military is growing each and every month. Your representation among the youth is astounding. You are paving the way for the next generation and making the road more smooth for those who are following in your footsteps. The journey is/has been long and there is rough terrain ahead as white supremacists reposition for their next attacks. Remember, most of their attacks are subtle. Like gently heating the pan, until the frog is fried dead. The capital was a movement out of desperation and we are likely to see another movement as the number of interracial marriages rise within the military.

The FBI has already mentioned their infiltration and the capital has shown the world how involved military members can be. Remember, military members have a higher involvement rate in the public as military members are trained to serve the public. Especially those within the national guard and reserves. It is important as you serve that you are fully aware of your surroundings. You may have noticed an increase in murder rates on military bases and who do you think is responsible for hiding infractions? You may have noticed 200+ VA doctors who were fired for mistreatment are still practicing. You understand white privilege protects white criminals. So you must be on your guard and wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove. Your interracial military marital success is viewed as a success for all. Your interracial military marital failure is viewed as a failure for all. This is the way of people in general. When one sect does something, everyone is looking for them all to do the same thing. Sad reality, but true. Nevertheless, the interracial military marriage future is bright.


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