Interracial Diet

Everyone knows that what you eat is important for the optimal functioning of the body. In order for your body to operate the way God intended it must have food. You must eat regularly for the sustainment of your life. We cannot live without food. We cannot live without water. We must eat well to be well. We also know that eating healthy is harder then eating junk. Similar to the Christian walk. It is easier to live without boundaries, then to have boundaries placed upon your life. People do not like boundaries and boundaries do not feel good, even when they are the best things that you can do for your life. Boundaries in your interracial diet is a good thing.

You may have a desire to be with more then one woman, but that is unhealthy. You may have a desire to be with more then one man, but that is unhealthy. It increases your chances of acquiring an STD, getting murdered, or harmed financially. Your interracial diet will determine your success in life. Are seeking a white wife as a black man? Fine. Everyman should have his own wife. Be bound to her and make her alone your interracial diet. Are you seeking a black husband as a white woman? Fine. Everywoman should have her own husband. Be bound to him and make him alone your interracial diet. Living in this manner is eating the right interracial diet. Sinners live and have sex outside of marriage and this is an unhealthy interracial diet. Interracial marriage should be your goal. Especially, if you desire building a family with children added.

Feeding each other in marriage is the interracial diet that God signs off on. Any other sexual arrangements is not authorized and seals your fate to spend eternity in hell. Making sure your interracial diet is clean will determine how successful your interracial marriage will be. As you have a plan for what you consume, you should have a plan for intimacy. You have heard that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. Your interracial diet plan should include weekly check-ins and progress checks. How are we doing? Are we on target with our desire? Is your tank full? How was your week? How do you feel? These are questions you ask your lover. Jesus asked, Peter three times “Do you love me?” Ask your spouse? Do you love me? Questions are a good thing for your interracial diet.

Strength training together is another activity for your interracial diet that provides some value. Having each others back on stretches and weightlifting is a great bonding activity. Do things in your interracial marriage that breaks up the daily grind. Your interracial diet should be diverse.