Dive-In Becoming More Together

We are almost a full month in the year 2021 and the year is showing so much promise. There are budding interracial relationships and new interracial Youtube couple startups as the world is embracing the idea of interracial coupling. The flourishing marriages and the new biracial babies born is moving the US in the right direction. We needed President Obama and Trump to be the catalyst for this increase. The view of their presidency from the eyes of white supremacists and those affected by its teaching made the current interracial boom possible. Today, race is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. White women have opened their options and they are becoming more and more bold in claiming black men for marriage and when that man is married, he is her’s alone.

We are living in a season of options and you are no longer required to settle. Marry whom you will in the Lord. Marry the man that will love you and bring you before the Lord in prayer. Someone that your breasts will satisfy and a treat that brings you joy. Marriage is the goal and building families that honor the Lord is the mission. It is a mission that will pay dividends in your future.

Be careful. While options are good and variety is the spice of life, there is danger in eating too many fruits. You should use the same care in choosing a wife or husband as you would in choosing to purchase a house. Do your research. Do not be deceived by the outward appearance, but get that inspector to look for the hidden parts of the house. It may have some unsuspected damage that may make you change your mind about your purchase.

When people are dressed up and looking good you may be tempted to be yoked together with someone that will later bring you sorrow. You should not be too eager or too hasty without crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. Make sure the one you choose is ready to be chosen and ready to be a builder. You do not want to make a relational mistake.

Once you have your selection then run with her and become one flesh according to the Scriptures and cleave unto her and become one family unit. Your parents become secondary to this unit. It must also be noted that your parents information may be outdated. The year 1967 is still in the rearview mirror and your parents data may be drawn from that year. This means they have been subjugated to bad theology. The Bible has never changed. Unfortunately, it has been used to mislead people and will be used to mislead more. God promises that deceivers would increase in the land and sin would wax worse. Do not be alarmed by deceiving theologians. They are fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

Problems with one another stem from demonic activity. The easiest method to discern their voices is to hold hands and pray for one another. By praying for one another, God will use your lips to bless your lover and you will learn more about each other and your relationship will experience a deeper intimacy. Place your dependency on God and let Him be your default and draw from Him. His power does not know limits and God is faithful to perform works for you. He loves your relationship with Him and each other and will not forsake you. Dive-in you become more together.

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