Kicking Up the Level of Interracial Worship & Marriage Against the Looming Wars of White Supremacy

What many interracial couples and interracial churches are witnessing is the culmination of a war that one white supremacists in particular dreamed about. It is not John Wayne, although he said “A black man should be killed if he’s messing with a white woman.” Today, they are working on stripping the late actor’s name from the airport in Orange County, California. It is not Travis Ricci that is serving life in prison for killing a white woman that fell in love with a black man. It is James Harris Jackson the white supremacists who stalked 15 groups of black men with white women in an effort to kill them. He successfully killed one black man. His mission was to become a martyr for other white supremacists men to follow. Mr. Jackson was particularly bothered by black men in the presence of white women as he hated interracial relationships.

I have often spoken about the true interracial couple. It is the coupling between a black man and white woman. This war at the US capitol is like many wars within the Bible and our history books. It is over a woman. In this case it is over the white woman. The Bible declares that jealousy is a rage of a man. When that man feels entitled to something and that something does not feel entitled to them, they grow angry and this anger boils into rage and rage boils into plotting and scheming to harm large groups of people that are unrelated to the events going on within the white supremacists mind.

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said that the federal government needed to fund the deprogramming of white supremacists and conspiracy theorists. The problem with her solution is that the fuel of white supremacy cannot be deprogrammed. God did not deprogram the Israelites in the wilderness. He knew they where a lost cause and waited until they died in the wilderness and worked with the new generation. These white men cannot be reformed. It is absurd to think some classroom training will remove the hatred that has hardened within their hearts. The only valuable solution is harsh punishment to discourage the many white supremacists peppered within law enforcement, the court room, the hospital, the gas station, and anywhere else white supremacist love to scheme.

Unfortunately, there are white supremacists that have taken an active role in training the next generation to hate black people. I overheard a white guy in a bathroom stall speaking about it. Make no mistake these people are dangerous and they do hate interracial married couples. This does not mean you should fear, but be wise. For the first time in our history the majority of American Megachurches are now biracial. While 94 percent of them are led by white pastors, they are marrying more and more interracial couples. 2021 will be the year of interracial marriage in the midst of the US capitol being stormed by white supremacists.

Now more then every should be the year to kicked up the interracial love and worship before God. Let people see your affection in public. Lead by example. Invite loads of children to your interracial wedding. Let them see and experience a love for God’s creatures. When your children experience the wonderful pleasure of seeing interracial love they will have a greater understanding of the Biblical songs that are sung in church. You have heard the song that says, red, or yellow, black and white all are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world. The understanding and power of this song can only be represented in the midst of interracial coupling. Otherwise it is just words without practice and that is dangerous living. Children must see, hear, and experience interracial love for songs about Jesus loving the world to have true meaning.

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