Interracial Marriage Set To Increase in Poland with Push to Stop Censoring

Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki has vowed to “defend freedom of speech on the internet” and insisted “the owners of social media networks cannot operate above the law.”

“For close to 50 years we lived in a country in which censorship was practised, in which Big Brother told us how we are meant to live and what we are meant to feel, and what we are not allowed to think, say or write,” wrote Morawiecki on his Facebook page, going on to praise the internet as “the most democratic medium in history, a forum on which everyone can have a voice”.

The Polish leader insisted that there can be “No tolerance for state censorship, such as the one Poland faced under communism, or the private type, which we are seeing today.”

“Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy — that is why we must defend it. It is not up to algorithms or the owners of huge corporations to decide what opinions are correct and which aren’t.”

“The Constitution… guarantees full freedom of expression… Therefore, any manifestations of limiting it must meet with the reaction of the state to enable protection against interference with this freedom,” explained deputy justice minister Sebastian Kaleta.

The freedom of white women with black men in holy matrimony should be promoted and  its full expression should be celebrated. No more limitations on the citizens of Poland, but an explosion of freedom to support interracial marriage and family.

What an amazing outcome for Poland and a brilliant step toward the future of their democracy. We should see in the coming years an expansion of love and family. Every onlooking country will be sure to follow in this example of love for its citizens and freedom for those who make up its nation.


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