Interracial Attention

If you are looking for interracial success, you must attend to interracial wisdom. It is important to know the definition of attention. Attention is a condition of readiness for such attention involving especially a selective narrowing or focusing of consciousness and receptivity. In other words attention is applying the mind to something. When you add the adjective interracial in front of attention it now means applying my mind to interracial thought. What is interracial thought? It is understanding the worldview and operation of the society in which you are being raised and purposely attending to the thinking that serves your interracial relationship.

The ability to cast down imaginations that exalt itself against the knowledge of God is a skillset that may be developed in your interracial marriage, if you attend to interracial thinking. You live in a world that is broken down by race and ignoring or sidestepping this fact will automatically disqualify you from the ability to interracially attend. Embrace your race. If you are a white woman married to a black man. Each member should embrace their race. Why? Because this is the worldview and operation of the society in which you live. Any ideas of colorblindness is denying this worldview and its current operation. This will create a barrier from hearing and understanding the truth.

Once you settle in this truth, you can begin the process of interracial attending that benefits your interracial relationships and marriage. One pitfall to watch out for is interracial attention given to the godless interracial couplings. The visibility and promotion of the godless interracial couplings and their failings are not the reality. If you give your interracial attention (applying or focusing your thought) to celebrity interracial relationships and marriage you will reap their reward. While their visibility may help in easing the acceptance of interracial relationships, they do not present the ideal interracial marriage and family that will produce good fruit.

Your interracial attention must be on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and good. You must think on these things. Your interracial attention should not be on things that are unjust, wicked, dishonest, not lovely or bad. If you witness any interracial coupling with the latter results, you should immediately recognize that they have fallen into the celebrity interracial mindset. Your interracial attention should be solely on God’s word. When your interracial attention is solely on God’s word, you will produce eternal loving results because God is love and eternal.

Your interracial attention on the right thing will determine the level of joy in your interracial marriage along with your ability to raise children with an interracial mindset that will set their future marital relationships for success.

If you have interracially attended the wrong thing, you can change directions and now interracially attend correctly. You will still have to pay some of the price for attending wrongly, but soon the flow of attending correctly will overcome the bad and you will begin to see and eat the fruits of joy in your interracial relationships and marriage.



  1. This text was very valuable to me and it is in line with my experiences. I love the white race that I belong to, as do my husband his black race. We both pray to God that He will bless our interracial relationship. God heard us because very quickly we were blessed with a child. We are both glad that God has blessed our racial mixing with wonderful children. And I especially pray for all other white women that, with God’s blessing, they may give birth to the babies of black fathers!


    1. Well said! I totally agree. There’s no need for racial hatred in our lives from anyone, it only slows down the conversation and progress and endangers the lives of our children for their futures and you are a perfect example of our very necessary and inevitable goal for the future, white women and their Black husbands, under marriage, being blessed with their own Black babies from God! Congratulations on the child! God bless you and your family


  2. I love to see interracial couples, there should be more and of that, that way hate will minimize around de world, ahhh kids are beautiful as well..


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