Pressing Pass White Men Posing As White Women To Charge Black Women

The world is moving past the archaic views of interracial coupling and now globally they are promoting a lifestyle that points toward interracial marriage as the future. In every era there are signs that point the masses toward a particular direction. This particular direction sets us up for the coming of the Lord. Change is always difficult. Every era has change agents and opposition. This is the ebb and flow of light and darkness, while edging us toward darker days according to Biblical prophecy.

While some oppose interracial marriage vehemently, they cannot stop the passing of the phrase within the Scriptures that reads, as the days of Noah, so shall be the last day. In the days of Noah, race did not exist and it is not in Biblical prophecy. There is only Jew and Gentile.

Satan loves to appear as something that he is not for the purpose to deceive and ultimately destroy. His children are no different. As I write this post, millions of white men have deployed and are deploying fake white female accounts to rally black women for the purpose of fostering division. Pulling the strings of generational hurt and continued white supremacist ideology they fall in line attacking successful black men. Desiring to dethrone the white woman, they work diligently to harm her as a way to discourage black men from interracial marriage.

This serves to further the division because hate will never produce unity or love. The way God works is different from the world and the way Satan works perpetuates evil behavior and woeful results. Black women need to see through the white men accounts covered as white women and disarm them through helping black men acquire white women for marriage. A move that will force white men to expose themselves as they scurry to change their strategy.

You have heard, fight fire with fire, but God said, vengeance is mine and I will repay. Taking the position of the Godliness will work for a far greater reward then being deceived and using a fear tactic that is not working for them.

When you have 11 million interracial marriages and a 41% divorce rate and the numbers are only going up because the internet is dismantling fake news; the options to destroy interracial marriage are quickly falling apart.

If divide and conquer is the strategy against black people, what would happen if they were both on board with interracial marriage and its promotion? Help white women find suitable black husbands. Encourage it and watch how things change. The strategies of the Lord will never coincide with the strategies of men. God’s strategy never feels natural, but His results are extremely powerful.

Press pass white men that are posing as white women. An easy way to tell a white man behind the screen of a white female face is easy. Be that black male and white female cheerleader and he will expose himself.


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