Interracial Worship that Invites God’s Glory

Attracting God is no different then attracting most. The art of attraction is providing what the other values. When a woman values money, then those with money will attract her. God values worship. Attract God through worship. Interracial worship is corporate worship irrespective of color. Interracial worship is the epitome of Godly worship because it lays down everything before God in naked and unashamed worship. It is this type of worship that God is supremely worshipped. No taint of racism or false prejudice. A pure worship that invites God’s glory.

In heaven there is no shame. There is no marriage and its diversity falls down and worships God without a ceiling. Interracial worship invites God’s glory. When God is worshipped, He fills the temple (the worshipper) and in them produces a miracle that transcends the natural and enters the supernatural. Interracial worship is pure worship. There is power on this post and if you touch the screen, you can catch a glimpse of this worship. Power is flowing from my fingertips to the keyboard and out of the screen angels are entering your body and preparing your temple for His majesty. You are entering a new realm in interracial worship. There is no ceiling in this type of worship and only this type of worship invites the maximum amount of God’s glory.

If you have never seen your room fill with smoke and the feeling of unworthiness wrap you like a blanket, then you have never truly been in God’s presence. God has a train. “In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple” (Isaiah 6:1). You cannot attract God without worshipping Him. God values worship. Worship Him. Put Him before everyone and anything and call on His name. You can worship God with or without music. There is no music on this blog and if you reading this post, the atmosphere around you is changing. Will you worship the Lord? Will you lay down your need to be number one and make Him number one? God values worship and through our submission, God will come. When God comes inside the room or house and His presence rests upon your heart, the fire that burns will burn undesirables in your life. God gives His creatures access that is not granted to angels. Use it.

Give God glory. Lift up your hands and thank God for His Son Jesus. Thank him for the opportunity to be saved from the wrath that is coming against the children of disobedience. Thank him for your salvation. Tell Him how good He is. Worship Him. When the train fills the temple, do not hurry to leave. Wait for His majesty to speak. Wait for the blessing.

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