Taking the Journey Less Traveled

There is always something special about a man and woman who takes a journey less traveled. We celebrate firsts and trendsetters and all others are left unknown within the story. We learn about the outliers because they are different. The way they move is peculiar and they have such a vibrance that makes them interesting and the focus of large amounts of content and conversation. Interracial marriage is rare, like a diamond it moves, it highlights, and garnishes attention unlike the rock in a group of dirt. You can see them among a crowd as it moves and you are captivated by its presence. You must look and it causes your mind to consider and this is interracial marriage.

The children that are developed and formed in the womb are also traveling a road less traveled. They are asked to identify themselves and are the topic of many discussions. They are taking a journey less traveled.


For the Christian, you are taking a journey less traveled and your story is often the topic of discussion. Your words have weight, because they are not your words. You may wonder why your conversation garnishes so much attention, it is because you are dead man or woman speaking. You have been crucified in Christ and live according to the breathe He gives. Old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus and you are traveling the road less traveled.

You have decided to be different and you are strong. You are not a normal cog or a mundane fixture. You are something more. Something treasured and someone that God has released His favor on continually. You are a blessing to those who behold your presence and you are a pointer for anyone who desires a relationship with Jesus. You are traveling the road less traveled.





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