Interracial Military Marriage Wisdom

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God designed marriage with some internal conflicts for His glory and your salvation. For example, our anatomy is not designed for maximum sexual pleasure. The average woman does not orgasm with penetration alone and the woman on average does not have the same sexual drive. Why? This creates conflict. Who design this? God. Why? Because God is jealous. He said so Himself (Joshua 24:19, Nahum 1:2, Deuteronomy 6:15, Exodus 34:14, 2 Corinthians 11:2). His jealousy will not allow us to carry on without acknowledging Him. If humans did not have conflict they would not acknowledge God.

When is there a call to pray? Perhaps a pandemic, sickness, marital division, a test, etc. Anytime we come against a conflict we have a habit of praying and seeking God. When things are well and food is on the table, we have a habit of forgetting God. The people at the Tower of Babel were one language and God created the conflict by changing the language. Anytime people seek to coexist with the absence of God, God will bring conflict. There will never be peace without God, God will make sure of it. He is a jealous God. Now that you understand God a little better, you also know it has another purpose.

In God’s jealousy for His creatures, He created hell. Instead of God, annihilating His creatures, He wants them to pay for their sin eternally. He designed one way to escape hell and that is through His Son Jesus. The conflict brings you closer to Jesus and gives you an opportunity to escape God’s wrath. If He allowed everyone to unify under the banner of Satan, everyone would be candidates of hell. Many of us follow a herd mentality. So the conflict breaks up the herd like desire. Giving some an opportunity to break away and give their heart to Jesus and set their affections on God the Father. This pleases God and like a son, He will save you.

In the military you will need to understand God’s plan and follow it. You will need the Lord in your marriage to make it. The conflict in the military context is high. White supremacists have infiltrated the military and they will be at war with your interracial marriage. You will have family conflicts that are normal to all families. You will have financial conflicts. Deployments will test your financial fidelity to one another. You will have internal conflicts that are natural to being human. Conflicts with your children. In all these things you will need the Lord. You do not want God adding to your conflict because you fail to follow Him. If you serve the Lord and follow the God that created you, then no conflicts formed against you, will prosper.


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