Interracial Teen Dating Explosion

The landscape is changing and internet and media are helping the transition along the lines of race at a rapid rate. There is more discussion on race in the open then ever before. The veils are being lifted and the people of earth are speaking. Everyone is having to make adjustments to the new things that are being encouraged, promoted, celebrated, and exposed.

In the past, black boys and white girls would not be in pools together. Not too long there was issues with black people getting into pools with white people, times are changing and this portion is good. Of course, not all the changes being made are good, but we can relish in the fact that this helps the Christian church. It forces the church to deal with the subject of interracial dating that often leads to interracial marriage.

In the past, old stereotypes of white girls dating black men to rebel or having daddy issues are coming to an end. The interracial teen dating numbers do not support this. My next door neighbor is a white police officer married to a police officer and their white daughter is engaged to a black guy, I saw him coming out their house in his slippers. Nice young couple. Some things that parents can do with teen transitions:

What can parents do to adapt to the changes?

Focus on adjusting your relationship with your teen

It is important for parents to get to know their teen as a maturing individual and to focus on what they have in common. Parents often seek to expose their young children to their own interests. During the adolescent years, parents need to increasingly learn and follow their teens’ interests.

Develop some new interests

As kids get older, parents have more time and sometimes more disposable income with which to explore new interests, develop new friendships, and cultivate relationships that are not built around their children. Focusing a bit more on themselves will help to ease the transition as teens become more independent and eventually leave home.

Enjoy the fact that you are more content with who you are

While middle-aged parents may not have the nubile and agile bodies of their younger selves, ironically, they do tend to gain a greater acceptance of their physical selves. The cellulite, extra pounds and gray hairs have been well earned and mid-lifers are less likely to sweat the blemishes and more likely to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Enjoy the unification. Let’s help direct it toward fruitful increase and constructive building and let’s make America Great.


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