Choose Someone You Can Suffer With

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In our search for the great romance of our life, one of the main questions I would ask myself is “Is this someone who I can enjoy my life with?”

Can I do the fun things in life with them? Could I go on vacation with them? Could I bring them to family reunions? Can I live my dream life with them?

At the peak of love, of course I would ask myself these questions! When I am filled with love, I only want to share it.

Eventually, it dawned on me that we can enjoy a good thing with almost anyone. I could go out on to the street, pick a random dude and ask him “do you want to go and do this incredibly awesome thing with me?” and the chances are, we will have a grand ol’ time and get along just fine. When life goes our way, it is easy to be happy and it is easy to share that happiness with someone else.


Choose someone you can suffer with. 

These will be the defining trails of your life and of your relationship.

Choose someone who can soften in your sadness. You may find that some people just aggravate it and make it ten times worse. It might be their personality, it might be the karmic baggage they come to this life with, but it just isn’t compatible with you.

Choose someone who, when life is plunging into “worst case scenario” territory, choose the one who makes you feel brave enough to put one foot in front of the other. Someone who recognizes and honours your sadness, your grief, your anger. Source

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