Interracial Pornography Is Spiritual Suicide

erica-deavon-wedding-33-680x1024All pornography is spiritual suicide. I titled this interracial pornography specifically, because this is a interracial marriage website. God is not pleased with any form of pornography. Pornography is a gate way to hell. Hell is eternal torment with no reprieve. Anyone who has watched pornography will tell you that it only satisfies for a moment. Hell is perpetual torment. This sin is the most easiest and will undoubtably be responsible for sending the most souls to hell. Pornography is a strong stronghold because it is attached to the natural inner workings of God’s design.

Now, I realize there is some pornography that is so disgusting that it is unnatural and I dare say worse then traditional porn between a man and woman. Pornography outside a man and woman is unnatural and I believe God judges these individuals more harshly. Also, the unnatural folks have a highly unlikely chance of repentance and salvation as some pornography is so dark and demonic that to reach this level you have sold your birthright to heaven like Esau and there is no hope. If this statement scares you, you do not fit it. Those who fit this statement will not feel anything at all.

Interracial pornography for some is a good sign that race relations are getting better. Pornography anything is not better. In addition, the highest consumers of interracial pornography are not black men and white women, it is white men. In fact, the creators of such pornography or not black men and white women, it is white men. So what is the goal? Their destruction. A good sign that race relations are getting better is higher interracial marriage rates.

Interracial marriage promotes good order and discipline. Children who have a statistically higher chance of being successful. There is absolutely no good fruit produced from interracial pornography. It violates God’s law and it is a hindrance to interracial marriage. It distorts and damages. It is pure evil and deviltry.

Those who are the actors in these scenes are hell bound without repentance and money hungry. Filled with idolatry they sell their souls to satan for money. Many of them are too lazy to find honest employment and so lay on their backs and become exploited. They exploit their viewers flesh and the hell bound circuit is complete.

There is no easy solution to pornography. Sexual temptation is common to all of us. The only answer given within Scripture is this. Get married. Better to marry than burn with lust and if you are married and trapped in a sexless marriage, you must fast and pray for God to break that evil spirit that is at work in your marriage. Once the evil spirit is broken, you must starve outlets that lead to your destruction.

As long as we are in this flesh, we will have to fight this flesh. God has given me power to cast out demons and some occasions heal, but this power does nothing for the sexual temptation that wars in my members. Listen:

Therefore, since Christ has suffered in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, because he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin (1 Peter 4:1). I wish I had better news.


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