White Supremacy Strikes Again: Marvel Studios set to develop first openly gay character, but no openly functional interracial relationship


Marvel Studios will take a leap in promoting the racist agenda of the LGBTQ by developing their first openly gay character. Filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo shared on EW Morning Live that a character in an upcoming film will be openly gay. This is the real agenda of the liberal democrats (population control). The pushing of genocidal behavior like, pedophilia, beastuality, homosexuality, and abortion point in the same direction.  Death to the population and the population who will be effected negatively the most will be black Americans.

The LGBTQ community has been proven over and over again to be another arm of white supremacy. No different than white female feminist, who are silent when black women are beat up by police, raped, and/or missing.  No one has to remind the public that the “amber alert” was strictly designed for white women. There is no money for reparations, but there is plenty of money to fund a genocidal message. American Descendants of Slaves should recognize these attacks on their community and prepare themselves accordingly.

Watch and pray. Marriage between a believing man and a believing woman is the only way you can preserve your heritage and protect your family from the wrath of God that will touch the satanic children of disobedience. Watch and pray. God has released the spirit of suicide and the spirit of confusion. Protect your soul and hide yourself in the love of Jesus Christ.

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